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Vices Of The Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its sunny beaches,bikinis and special dishes. It is also one of the biggest area of cannabis consumption. Cannabis, or ”Ganja” as it is called by the Hindus of Jamaica has been cultivated in South America for a long time but the Indian workers also brought it to the island in the 20th century. It has become a part of the culture ever since. Even if the trafficking and vigorous consumption of it is forbidden.

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A degree in Cheating

In the past ten years the percentages of academic dishonesty in superior education have escalated to an alarming level. Has the Facebook generation discarded moral values, in favor of fast results or has the academic system driven them to an ethically grey behavior?  Researches blame the students’ questionable ethics on a busier life schedule and a thrive for success.

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Meet Jo. She is one of those people, who are saying: “I always knew what I wanted to become”. And then she adds with a charming smile: “Well, at least since I was seven”.

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Palestinian education – a cry for awareness

The present political and military climate in Palestine has negative ramifications in many fields, including health, security and education. Students are deprived of materials and leaving the country is not a matter of choice. Faced with this challenge many humanitarian organizations have chosen to unite efforts in raising awareness in regard to the difficulties that students in Palestine have to face.

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