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International in Aarhus: My favourite places around town in Aarhus

Foto: @lynfabrikken

After four and a half years in Aarhus, Delfinens international columnist has found some great places around town that have become her go-to’s for studying, hanging out and enjoying nature. And in the spirit of spring and the end of corona restrictions, she would like to share these with you!

Study with perfect background music and a delicious croissant

Having moved to Aarhus to study for a Master’s degree, it was important for me to find a place that is good for studying. The Royal Danish Library is a great place of course, but I am the kind of person that prefers being in a café to study and write.

When my friend introduced me to LYNfabrikken, I knew it was the right place for me.

LYNfabrikken is somewhat hidden in a little courtyard off of Vestergade. The café is at the top of the building. On the way up, you pass the offices and rooms that LYNfabrikken also rents out.

The café has a long table in the centre, stools at tables by the windows, and a couple other small tables in between. It is not very big, which I enjoy. From the many hours I have spent there, it seems as though it is a favourite place for people to come study or have work meetings.

LYNfabrikken has delicious coffee to fuel you as you work. Their food is also top-notch. My favourite thing to get is their breakfast, which included yogurt, delicious bread, a croissant, and associated toppings.

The music choice is amazing – perfect for studying or relaxing. You can even find their playlist on Spotify so that you can take that same atmosphere home with you.

I highly recommend LYNfabrikken for studying, or even if you’re just looking for a new café in Aarhus.

Foto: Bassin 7

Hang out with friends and enjoy (yet another) delicious croissant

Aarhus has innumerable places to go hang out, many of which I am still discovering. It is hard for me to pick just one, but I can absolutely recommend Aarhus Ø and Bassin 7.

At any time of the year, this place is perfect for meeting up with friends for a walk, a coffee, a beer, or just a place to sit and chat while looking at the view. Bassin 7 is where the Havnebad is and where you can try out wakeboarding (or if you’re more like me: watch people wakeboarding while eating a croissant from Øens Madhus or Bill’s). There are also street food stalls and places to get coffee or beer.

To me, the Aarhus Ø area feels so different from the rest of Aarhus. The architecture is, of course, more modern (the Iceberg Buildings are a great example of this), and it seems as though there’s always something new to see.

There are benches facing the sea – a peaceful place to sit, or a nice place to have a chat with friends no matter the weather.

If you haven’t been exploring Aarhus Ø, I can absolutely recommend you go take a walk and see what new things you can discover there.

Enjoy nature and get fresh air (without a croissant)

Aarhus and its surrounding area have so much nature to offer. I am lucky enough to live a stone’s throw away from RiisSkov forest, which can give me a break from the sounds of the city. But when I need a proper break from the hustle and bustle of Aarhus, I like to go to Mindeparken.

I, unfortunately, do not get to go a lot because it’s quite far from me, but it is a beautiful park that is perfect for long walks and getting air. The park is right next to Marselisborg Slot (the Queen’s summer palace), which also has lovely gardens to walk through when the royal family is not in residence.

Mindeparken is a big open space with a view of the sea and big trees that are perfect for climbing up. The view it offers is different from the other places I usually go to. It’s truly a break from the Aarhus I experience every day.

Aarhus is full of places. Whatever you’re looking for, Aarhus will be able to provide it for you. I’m always looking to discover something new, but these three places are my go-to locations. I hope you who read this will enjoy them as much as I do!