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How To Enter Danish Drinking Culture Like a Pro

The very essence of Danish drinking culture is hiding in plain sight – in the national cheer “skål”. How so? Think about the way people cheer when they drink in other European countries. If you’re from Poland, you cheer to good health or “na zdrowie”. Same with French and their “santé”. By saying a loud “priekā” you cheer to joy in Latvia. What does skål mean? It means bowl. Yep, just that. Danes don’t need any reason to raise their glass, no special occasion and no particular mood. Be it lunch, a break in between a volleyball match or a cozy movie night, you can easily expect a Dane with his dåse.

What is a dåse?

Dåse is just a small can of beer. Often found in nature surrounded by 5 of its buddies in a six-pack or on a grass bed at your local park after a Friday night. There is, however, a certain level of mastery one can achieve at wielding one or multiple dåser. 

First and foremost, their size is their biggest strength. Not only won’t your beer go stale before you finish it, but you can also easily place it in your pocket or a fanny pack. Thus, one can easily bring in a whole six pack “on you” without the need of a backpack.

But won’t they shake up as I transport them? You won’t get any other reaction but laughter if your dåse aggressively foams over on you and your friends, but if you want to avoid that, simply fillip your dåse on its side while rotating it before you open it. The bubbles tend to accumulate on the side walls of the can – pop them before you open!

Dåser will also help you in dealing with the aftermath of a rowdy (yet infinitely hyggeligt) houseparty. No one likes to clean their house under the influence of a hangover headache. But start by collecting all the dåser, bring them to your local grocery store and exchange them for cold cash at the pantmaskine. Guaranteed, you’ll earn enough to get yourself a pack of panodil (painkillers) and a frysepizza (frozen pizza) – the Danish brunch combo for dealing with hangovers.

The last tip, juiciest of them all, is one that involves the can tab. Don’t know how to effortlessly offer someone to take it to home base after dancing with them all night? Break off the can tab and give it to them. Known as a “bollebillet” (a f&ckticket), the receiver can cash it in for a joyful ending to the night.

In conclusion, as you venture forth into the Danish drinking culture armed with the knowledge of the Dåse Dojo, remember that embracing the spirit of “skål” is just the beginning. Danes have an insatiable curiosity for the world, and they delight in hearing about drinking traditions, tips and tricks from your homeland. So, while mastering the art of wielding dåser, don’t hesitate to share your own drinking customs and stories – it’s the key to unlocking even deeper connections with the locals. And as you effortlessly cycle through town with litres of beer and enjoy your rewards from the pantmaskine, may you savour every moment of your Danish drinking adventures, with laughter, friendship, and endless hygge. Skål to you, the honorary ambassador of international camaraderie in the heart of Danish revelry!