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A guide to the Danish Easter


Oh, the food. The backbone of Danish traditions. Danes love food and we plan our events around the food that’s going to be served. That is why we have specific food for Christmas, “Mortens Aften” and Easter. Prepare yourself for the overwhelming table of food. Eggs, fried fish fillets, herring in ways you couldn’t even imagining and of course shrimps covering in mayonnaise enough to feed an entire city. This, and way more, is the food you’ll find in front of you for the next 6 hours with steady drinking, good company and food. So, wear loose pants and embrace the Danish food-culture, you will not go to bed hungry this time.



At Christmas you may have noticed that the famous Julebryg (Christmas Beer) resulted in “J-Dag”. In Denmark you can not only have Christmas Beers, but also enjoy a Påskebryg (Easter Beer). This beer is usually sweeter and spring-ish. In any case that will be the way people will sell it to you. It may taste a little of elderflowers and like all beers, it should be enjoyed cold and in the sun. But you might get to experience the opposite: slightly warm and served in the rain.  The Danish way.



Yeah… this one is going to hurt in the morning, but Easter involves schnapps. Golden, strong and the top sponsor of evil hangovers: Schnapps. And even though no one actually enjoys drinking this daemon blood (unless you’re 80 years old), you will not go to an Easter lunch without being offered a glass of schnapps. It makes the beer taste even better afterwards.


What about the chickens?

This one is a little weird. Because in the end, Easter should be in the name of religion, and the free time from work and school, should be for praying. However, you will not see crosses and Jesus hanging around the shops. Instead you’ll see chickens, endless chickens. In the great company of colorful eggs and rabbits, the chickens will haunt everything. On the beer, on the schnapps and on the table in shape of feathery little balls with a beak. It’s crazy and colorful, but we love it. And if you want to embrace the Danish culture, I am sorry to tell you: you must embrace the chickens. So, get in your most fresh and spring-ish mood. Enjoy the beers, the food, the free-time and the schnapps (if you can) – and there you go, Easter is here.