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Miss Minty Green Let You Slow-dance in her thoughts and sees starfish at the shores of your eyes.

Sir Silver will grace you with his polished perfections and let you pursue his promenade of passion.

Young Yellow, will walk worlds to water wild roses or liven up Lillies with light. But beware, like children, he tends to overwater and his sunshine can leave you sleepless.

Baroness von Black bare beautiful burdening truths in her aching arms. She can cast off your chain of events, to aid her in architecting air castles. She craves close company.

Royal Raspberry Red relish in the chase for castaways. She’ll recover you from the realm of thrown-outs. She’ll trace and treasure the tracks of your identity, dug from deep pockets of your past.

King Klein Blue calls your first concerted chapter “Candor”. As you interpret the introduction, you’ll instantly realize that both love and logic are revealed in “the king’s new robes”.

The Tender Teal licks your young sore suffering like a lioness would her cub. But as brightness breaks at the end of the day, she will too. Let her meet morning in your mane.

The Champagne Colored Contortionist will unfold curiously in Caring eyes. They’re colorful kaleidoscopes that cherish your committed and concentrated attention.

Celebrated Celestial cerulean can champion civilization and bring beautiful balls to beau monde. Connect and couple with their herculean efforts to create a courageous cosmos.

SnowWhite sings sphinx secrets that can steal both sanity and sane. Let logic lead you through her labyrinths and let your lips lull her puzzling lyrics.

Comrade Umber is a cautious craftsman. Care and coldness cadence as he longs for both company and privacy. Cater corners of hiding and your considerate care will be carved into his crafts.

Lady Amber is an adventurer that maps your mountains and studies your seas to soothe your sentiments sovereign. You’ll be mapped – You’ll be memory, meaning, and more.

Revered Ruby Red Rockets relationships into rhapsody with rapid rigor. Yet, the rapture relies on regular affirmations of affection and reassessment of aim.

Wild Violet lets your feverishly flirty fingertips hide at her horizon, where she melts molten to the touch. Kisses can collapse her magma over you.

The Translucent Turquoise TrueLover lets life launch life. Open to open, on and on. In him, you have a multiplier of heartbeats and history. A Big Bang of Being.